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Happy Place Competition - Winner

At DecentrArch we are doing things differently. 

Our mission is to promote the uptake and implementation of simulation architecture in resolving human issues. We believe that we all have the power to create digital solutions to enhance the human experience. We would like you to help us design in the Metaverse. Thankyou to all the diverse and inspiring entries!

Winner: Team Osmose, Singapore

Team Osmose's brief response:

The Tessellation Pavilion is a unique response to the brief which requests a simple yet transformative user experience. In addition to the modular form of the structure the installation hypothetically utilises soundscapes to produce a peaceful and melodic environment whilst users meditate. The repetitive nature of the building allows for scalability if needed during the pavilions lifetime. If selected we propose an accompanying soundtrack to be played in conjunction with users' experience of the space, and believe that a “happy place” can be achieved by combining a number of sensory experiences whilst in the metaverse.

Honourable Mention:

Gabriela Mares, Dreamweaver Pavilion


Gabriela's brief response:

Mindfulness is often described as a state of mind which perfectly connects body with soul. The balance which prevails inner harmony is mostly created by outer environment, as balance cannot be achieved in a polluted and boisterous urban environment. In our case where the environment in located in Metaverse, the body disintegrates, whereas the perception and emotion are fully aware of inner states.

Honourable Mention:

Matias Flores 

The meditation pavilion is conceived as a space for introspection that seeks to re-establish the relationship between nature and people, giving users the chance to take a break from the hectic daily life. This is why the pavilion takes as its design concept a plot built through a Voronois diagram (Thiessen polygons).

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